Our #1 goal is to keep the lights on for our clients' clients, by reducing outage restoration times.

Mission Statement

To boldly decide where no one has had the insight before.

Our goal is to make our client’s data searchable so that they can make better data driven decisions. Since our inception we have been working on search, to find information anytime, anywhere. Anytime means our platform is highly scalable and available. Anywhere means we support desktop and mobile devices, allowing our users to be productive wherever they are. Now that we’ve got the search portion under control, we’ve moved our focus to making sense of the data, building analytics. This allows you to gain insight into your data, enabling you to make confident decisions.

Fun fact: You might have noticed that our company logo reflects our mission statement.

Our name

Cliffhanger Solutions. Let’s break it down.

Cliffhanger: an ending to an episode of a serial drama that leaves the audience in suspense.
Solutionsa means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.

Our clients have often voiced their frustration with other companies not finishing projects to their expectations. This can either be intentional (generate more work) or unintentional (lack of skills/resources). Either way, we have frequently taken over such projects, coming up with solutions and implementing them. So we are the solution to the cliffhanger. Get it?

Core beliefs

  1. Focus on the best possible way to search your data.
    After this, everything else (such as analytics and machine learning) will become relatively easy, and things will fall into place.
  2. Real time is better than batch.
    If you can make data available in real time, do it.
  3. You don’t need to be on your office PC to be productive.
    This applies to our clients using our mobile apps in the field, but it also applies to us when we have a meeting at Starbucks.
  4. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune.
    The cost of operation of a well-designed platform can be very affordable. We’ve proven this.
  5. We can be serious without wearing a tie.
    We work hard, and we play hard. Our very talented engineers are proof that work can be both serious and fun.