Atlas in a Box

Atlas in a Box

Atlas in a box

Atlas in a Box is our fully featured search and analytics engine on a powerful server. Our clients have the option of running the Atlas platform in the cloud or in their own data center. This is either by choice or sometimes mandated by regulations.

With “Atlas in a box” we are able to drive down the cost of operation, compared to publicly available cloud services like Azure or AWS. You will get significantly more performance for the same investment. This is particularly interesting as we are building out our analytics capabilities, which benefits from more CPU and memory.

For our initial configuration, we have opted for an 8-core 3GHz server with plenty or RAM and raided disks. This provides instant replication and parallel processing. While we are still waiting for the final results of our benchmark tests, the initial results look very promising.

We offer this option to clients as an alternative to the “traditional” cloud service. The server will ship fully configured, all the client has to do is insert it into an empty slot. ‘Atlas in a Box’ can also be supplied as a VM image to be applied ‘on your own servers without hassle.


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